Frequently asked questions:
 Is the 7 days of Empowerment Challenge FREE? 
Yes, this awesome challenge is completely FREE. 
Who is the Challenge appropriate for? 
Any woman looking to start their journey to health, fitness and positive mindset. 
Are these workouts suitable for me? 
Yes they are……all workouts will have regressions/progressions depending on your ability. 
What if I can’t make the live workouts? 
Don’t worry, all of the live workouts will be recorded, and posted on the Facebook 
community group for you to complete in your own time.  
What clothing do I need to wear? 
As it’s fitness sessions, shorts and a tee shirt /vest are fine…..trainers/sports shoes 
Do I need a mat? 
If you have one great, but if not the carpet in your front room is fine. 
Shall I have a hydrating drink to hand during the workouts? 
Yes, some water to hand is advisable. 
Do I need any weights or equipment for the challenge? 
All exercises will be programmed for bodyweight only, however if you have a selection of 
weights at home feel free to use for the exercises they fit.  
Is this challenge suitable for the intermittent to advanced gym goer? 
Yes, it absolutely is! 
What happens at the end of the challenge? 
You will have the option to upgrade to our 28 day Empowerment Challenge. There will also 
be other amazing options for you. 
Can I access this challenge via different devices? 
Yes, you can log into the challenge on a number of devices. 
Can I leave the challenge at any time? 
Yes of course you can, but if possible try to stay with us through the whole thing. 
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